Thursday, November 17, 2011

Family pics

Instead of snapping some pics on my own, I decided to ask someone to take our family photos this year.  We decided to have them taken at the cemetary.

Hope and Ashley were buried at St. Vital cemetary.  We're waiting till next summer to place a stone for them, so I had sunflowers at their graves.  Unfortunately, if you go there now, you won't find them because I was asked to remove the sunflowers for winter 'clean-up'.  Sigh...

Kim Olfert was our photographer (, and I met her through a friend.  When I found out that she knew our girls, through the blog, then I knew we were in the right hands (and wondered again at the 'coinicidences' that remind us, we are cared for).  It was a special moment for us, as we had our first family photos taken that would document our smaller family.  Kim helped us make it a positive experience, and the results were wonderful.

The adjustment continues and I would say that we're doing well.  We're happy to have visitors now, and accept invitations, but I'm managing my time carefully.  I still appreciate a good amount of quiet, home time to deal with the fluctuating emotions.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Memory Tree

A Tree has been planted at our church (St. Timothy's RC Parish) in memory of Ashley and Hope.  Children's Rehab Foundation chose this tree and suggested planting it at our church in remembrance of the girls.  We had a special moment to bless the tree with Father Phil, and Chris from CRF came to meet us at the tree as well.

I've forgotten the exact name of this tree, but it flowers, and I remember that 'lilac' was part of the name.  As you look at the tree, you may be unimpressed, just because it is a little spindly, with drooping look because of the leaves that have turned brown.  You may wonder if the tree will survive the winter, or if it will flourish and thrive.  It's actually rather hard to notice this tree, in comparison to the bigger trees around it.  The other trees might look at this new little tree with pity and think it doesn't have very much to offer.

What a great tree for Ashley and Hope!  They didn't command positive attention, they didn't appear to offer very much, and they drooped a little.  They were often unnoticed amongst the bubbly laughter of other thriving children.  So, here is a perfect tree for us to nourish, and I love it that we can have something for them at the church where we said 'good-bye'.

We miss you Ashley and Hope!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween pics

I thought that I better post this years Halloween pics...

Mira was a dinasour and Brodie was a Ninja.  They both had a lot of fun.

Today is the Feast of All Saints, or All Saints Day as some would say.  We remember our loved ones who have passed away and are now alive with Christ.  We remember the saints (Ashley and Hope have joined their ranks) and know that they have reached their desination and are now sitting in the presence of God, our Father in heaven.