Thursday, October 29, 2009


Brodie and his friends enjoyed Boo at the Zoo last night. Although it sprinkled rain a bit, it was quite warm and we enjoyed seeing the kids get excited. Brodie is the storm trooper who is pointing a toy drill at you!

Today I was lucky to have Miranda helping me as we stood in line for 2.5 hours to get the flu shot for the girls!!! I didn't anticipate such a long wait, so it was good to have a friend along for company. The girls behaved perfectly of course, and not a peep out of them when they got their needle.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ashley fell asleep in her stander today. I was amused so I thought I would take a pic and share it with you. Brodie stayed home from school because he was sick on the bus yesterday. Today he is completely fine, and keeps telling me that he feels 'really good, good enough to go to Boo at the Zoo'. Interesting.
So, Brodie had a fun day at home today. He was excited to play Lego with Ashley, our respite worker. Ashley and Hope enjoyed the sounds of Brodie at home.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Respite Weekend

On Friday morning we packed up the girls and took them to their weekend sleepover (our respite). Here you can see Hope in the van, ready for the drive.

When we got there, Callista and Brandon were excited to see the girls. We got them settled and went on our way.
We had some fun with Brodie at Fun f/x and then had a movie night. We were happy to be able to sit and watch the movie without getting up to change diapers, or stop to give meds. The next morning we drank coffee while listening to Vinyl Cafe, and Brodie sold the pumpkins that G&G Allen had brought in from the farm.

We were left with three pumpkins at the end. Not bad.

This morning we took Brodie to his hockey game...then Church...then breakfast at the Jolly Mug! On the way home we commented that it's a good thing we don't get breaks like this very often, because we become rather lazy when the girls aren't around!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ashley smiles...

Ashley is smiling this morning. I think she's excited to go to Brodie's school. I know Brodie is excited. The first thing he mentioned when he sat up in bed this morning was, "Mommy is coming to school today!". I'm going to help with the hot lunch program, and the girls will come with me. The kids get a hot lunch once every two weeks. It's a fundraiser for the Parents Association.

Yesterday, the girls and I went to Brodie's school to see Al Simmons. Very fun.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few pics..

A few pics from our weekend in Killarney.

Vienna (my niece), was fascinated with Hope's blanket. She has fantastic smiles!

Brodie always managed to convince Grandma to play with him. They're playing lego at the restaurant.
This week is flying by. The girls are fine and Brodie's at school right now. I'm off to work this weekend and I think Alex is going to build the fence. Hope it doesn't rain.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope has a better time in the sitting position some days. Check out her cute little recliner. It gets sad to see her lying on the couch all the time, so we get a little excited to have her in her chair when she is handling her secretions better. More seizures create more secretions, so some days when she's having a 'plethora' of seizure clusters (more than 20), then we let her rest more and try not to elevate her head at all. The days when she isn't seizing as much, we can do more with her, and she appears to enjoy it too.

We had an early 'Thanksgiving' get together here on Wed with Alex's family. The kids loved the attention. You can see GG and Grandma Joan sitting with them... I just woke up from my sleep (I worked another night shift last night), and now will start planning for our trip out to Killarney tommorrow. We'll spend Thanksgiving with my family. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


All is well here. Both girls are healthy and doing fairly well. Hope hasn't kept up with the smiles, and her seizures have increased, but she still has some fairly awake moments that we enjoy.

I worked my two night shifts this weekend, and am now officially back to work. It feel good, although that is probably because it is midnight and I'm sitting on the computer because I can't sleep. We'll see how I feel tommorrow morning at 7am when I'm getting Brodie ready for school.

Alex did fantastic with the kids this weekend. He managed to get Brodie to a 7:30am hockey game this morning, and then get home to pick up the girls (who were ready, thanks to Lauren) and get all the kids to church by 9am. I am impressed.