Sunday, February 17, 2013

8th Birthday

Happy Birthday Ashley!  You would have been eight years old today.  We'll celebrate with family today and remember your beautiful smiles, and precious cuddle moments.

I remember when I took this video of you in August of 2009.  You would have been four years old at the time.  You were enjoying a good spell with smiles, and some calm times, and milder seizures.  You were sitting in the kitchen enjoying some music with me, and I noticed your smiles and sat down to smile with you.  Your smiles got bigger and I thought...oh, maybe I should catch a little video.  It wasn't anything huge, just a normal moment in the day.  But I am so glad I took the time to catch that moment.  Ashley, this was one of those moments when you blessed us with a peaceful spirit and a softness that calms the soul.


Happy Birthday Ashley!

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Madelaine said...

Love & remember that special smile!!!